After Jay-Z calls his album 4:44, the band 4:44 releases EP called Jay-Z

Since Jay-Zsnew album, 4:44, was released last month, it went platinum in less than a weekand introduced us to the musical stylings of his kid and his mom. Its also inspiring at least one obscure band in a completely different genre of music to make a new EP and give it the appropriate title.

The bands name: 4:44. The name of the bands newest EP: Jay-Z.

4:44 is a progressive rock band from the Philadelphia area, and in the past, the three-piece collection has said, We are doing our best to reinvent the standard rock approach to music. Apparently, its also come up with a solid way to come up with album names.

The first entry on the EP is called Hallelujah, and it feels more like a jam band song than a true prog tune. Take a listen to a few of the songs, inspired by the worlds most influential hip-hop artist.

If youre expecting true prog like old-school Genesis or modern-day Porcupine Tree, thats probably not what youre going to get. The music sounds less like Rush and a little more like RX Bandits or My Morning Jacket (though there does seem to be some pre-Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd elements in the music).

While the idea of a band named 4:44 naming its album Jay-Z because Jay-Z named his album 4:44 is clever, its not the first time this kind of accidental symbiotic cohesion has occurred.

When R.E.M.released Green in 1988, the band named Green released a single called REM. In 2010, after Nada Surf had released a covers album called If I Had a Hi-Fi, the band IfIHadAHiFi put out an EP called Nada Surf.

Lest anybody think 4:44 is upset about Jay-Zs choice of album title, the band was blunt in its reactionary EP cover, stating simply, This is a shameless marketing technique.

If you hadnt heard of the band 4:44 before you began reading this story, the technique has worked.

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