“Bobster The Lobster” Pulls Off Proposal

When Elsa Cremer sat down to read a book to her class, she thought administrators at Piper Preschool were filming her for marketing purposes. They had handed her the book, “Bobster the Lobster,” moments before, saying only that it had been written by a friend. Little did she know, that “friend” was her boyfriend, Joe Graceffa, who had written and illustrated the book with a very special purpose in mind.

At this point you might be wondering, why a book about lobsters? While lobsters don’t actually mate for life, it’s been a popular urban legend ever since Phoebe Buffay made the claim on the show Friends. Remember the scene? Ross is sad that he and Rachel aren’t together, and Phoebe says, “Don’t worry, she’s your lobster.” While her science might be wrong, the sentiment is heartfelt – just like Joe’s thoughtful surprise. 

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