Company Trolls Millionaire By Offering Free Avocado Toast If You Buy A House

You can judge the way I speak, the dress, and the music I listen to but don’t you say a word about how I brunch.

In May, Australian millionaire, TimGurner sat down with 60 Minutes in Australia to basically roast the millennial generation about our love for avocado toast, but onecompany in particular is clapping back.

According to Gurner, if we plan on being serious adults and buying houses, we need to cut back on our fancy avocado habits.

In an effort to stick it to the man (the man in question being Gurner),SoFi, an online finance company targeted toward millennials,is offering first-time home buyers an offer they can’t refuse.

If millennial buyers finance their homes using SoFi mortgage in the month of July, they’ll get free avocado toast for a whole month.


I guess I’m buying a house for the first time. Where do I sign?

Think of the avo toast as an incentive program, which was put in place to get young people excited about buying their first home. This will come straight to your doorstep in three installments if you qualify for the loan.

No more brunch lines. Plus, you get your choice of regular or gluten free bread.

SoFi’s chief marketing officer, Joanne Bradford, toldTime Money,

Avocado toast was covered so much as a barrier for millennials getting homes, and we want to show them that’s not the case. You can have your toast and eat it, too.

Take that Gurner!

In order to buy a home for the first time, you have to cut back a little and save a lot of money but the occasionalavocado toast isn’t going to stand in the way of you and your whitepicket fence.

We will not stand idly by while you judge us. We will have our toast and eat it too.

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