Dairy Queen’s Ice Cream Pizza Pies Are Back, So It’s Basically The ’90s Again

Listen up, 90s babies. Its time to indulge in a dessert that once thrived during our childhood, because its back again and better thanEVER.

Im talking about the infamous Treatzza Pizza, better known as Dairy Queens ice cream pizza pie dowsed in chocolate drizzles, candy, and soft serve. Its basically the sweetest pizza pie weve ever tasted, and its finally back on the DQ menu.

The first versions of the chocolatey pizza pies initiallyhit the menu in 1995, and remained there until 2008, Cosmopolitan reports.

The retro Treatzza Pizzas looked like this:

As you can see, thecool treat once included fudge, chocolate crunch, soft serve, and a choice of four different topping combinations. It looks delicious, right?

After the pizzas were re-released in Dairy Queen stores on May 22, even tasty flavors became available. The new choices include Reese Peanut Butter Cups, M&M, Choco Brownie, and Heath.

Take another look and try not to feel nostalgic.

Dairy Queen

Apparently, people on Twitter are hyped about the comeback of the Treatzza Pizza, and we definitely cant blame them.

This is not a drill.

Must. Eat. Now.

They can hardly contain their excitement.

As you can see, Treatzza Pizzas are of a big deal.

If youre wondering how theglorious pizza pie is made, have no fear. The Daily Meal dissected its ingredients for us, and were finally able to visualizewhat made our favorite childhood dessert so freakin desirable.

Apparently, the crust of a Treatzza Pizza is made from fudge cookie crunch thats covered in vanilla soft serve. Then, the pizza is covered in candy toppings that depend on which flavor you order (Im all about the Heath).

In addition to the Treatzza Pizza, Dairy Queen also added another throwback to their menu: the Misty Slush.

Barry Westrum,executive vice president of marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation, talked to The Daily Meal and said,

There is an obvious resurgence in everything 90s and both Treatzza Pizza and Misty Slush were fan favorites from that era.Those two treats were loved by fans from day one. They asked us to bring them back and we delivered.

As a 90s kid, I totally respect DQs decision to bring back the frozen treats we grew up with.

Thank you, Dairy Queen. You delivered.

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