Do the lyrics of Jay-Z’s new album respond to Beyoncs ‘Lemonade’?

Bey & Jay 1.0
Image: francis specker/CBS via Getty Images

Jay-Z’s much anticipated 10-track album, 4:44, has just been released on Tidal and people are already dissecting the lyrics, finding ‘confirmation’ that he cheated on Beyonce.

As you might recall, Beyonc’s stunning visual album Lemonade partly focused on Jay-Z’s purported lying and cheating, giving an honest glimpse behind the curtain of one of the world’s most famous marriages.

Well, now it seems Jay-Z has basically confirmed the lyrics of Lemonade, sometimes word by word:

It’s basically Jay-Z dragging Jay Z:

Some lyrics are pretty raw and strong:

Fans are making it clear they’re on Bey’s side:

For some, 4:44 has made them love and appreciate Lemonade even more:

Others are grateful that Queen Bey and Jay-Z opened up about their marriage:

An honest revelation or a clever marketing ploy? Listen for yourself.

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