Facebook says its removing accidental clicks from its ad network

Advertisers on Facebooks Audience Network will no longer have to worry that theyre paying for users who accidentally clicked on their ads.

Im betting weve all had moments where we were scrolling or swiping or clicking through a website/mobile app and we ended up clicking on an ad without really meaning to. (Those moments probably outnumber the times Ive intentionally clicked on an ad.)

So Product Marketing Manager Brett Vogel said Facebook wont be charging for those clicks in its Audience Network (where Facebook runs ads in other apps), and those clicks wont be included in the metrics shared with advertisers and publishers.

Facebook is sorting out unintentional clicks by discounting instances where a user bounces back after two seconds or less. After all, if you clicked on an ad and then immediately clicked back, you probably didnt care about the ad.

Still, Vogel said the two-second threshold is a starting point that Facebook can adjust if necessary.

Publishers may worry that this change could hurt their bottom line, but Vogel said the vast majority will not be affected, because their ads arent driving a significant number of unintentional clicks. He added that Facebook is making the change for the good of the ecosystem.

Unintentional clicks end up delivering really poor experiences for people and advertisers, he said. Its not a good path for publishers to build sustainable businesses.

In addition, Facebook is also announcing that its making new ad metrics available (its been making a broader push around this).

Those metrics including gross impressions, a number that combines billable impressions with non-billable impressions advertisers arent paying for things like non-human traffic, but some of them have still asked to see the numbers. Facebook is also adding auto-refresh impressions (those are ad impressions for banners on the right-hand side) and gross auto-refresh impressions.

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