Father Finds Horrifying Situation When Checking On Son In McDonalds Restroom

You would think bringing your family to a McDonald’s for a quick bathroom stop would be simple and safe.

Usually that is the case, but for one family, horror struck on what was supposed to be a brief stopover to use a restroom. It took place at a Jacksonville McDonalds. The family of four arrived that evening to use the bathroom. The two boys, 6 and 7, were the ones who needed to go. Both went in, but only one came out.

The 7-year-old emerged, but his brother wasnt with him. The father then went into the restroom to get his 6-year-old son. youUpon entering, a man was exiting. The stall the man had exited from, was the stall his son was in. His son was zipping up his pants.

The father quickly put two and two together and raced after the man who had just exited. The chase ensued, but the father eventually lost sight of the man. The family then reported the incident to the local sheriffs office.

After interviewing and reviewing medical records, detectives determined that indeed, some kind of crime was committed in that McDonalds bathroom. Some type of sex crime.

Near the same exact McDonalds the following day, a witness eyeballed the suspect who was in a dumpster. Police arrived and detained him for the small amount of marijuana he had on his person.

Other witnesses confirmed that this guy, was indeed the guy from yesterday. Keith Andre Sykes was charged with capital sexual battery and sent to jail.

This story is a strong reminder to all families of just how important it is to educate your kids on potential dangers around them even when the environment they are in may seem to be a safe one. Giving your kids a plan of action when they are confronted by strangers is key in preventing any type of abuse, assault, or abduction to occur.

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