I Found A Diary In A Pile Of Used Books And Im Terrified That The Story Of This Missing Person Is True

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Before you say anything, yes, I’ll be going to the police. But I wanted to share this with you first.

So my local grocery store, it has this cool thing, see? Right as you walk out with your groceries, there’s this bookshelf. It’s not tidy or orderly but it’s cool, it’s a used book service. You can bring your own for others to read or you can grab one to take home, just stick a dollar in the jar for charity. Honor system.

I’ve snagged a few good ones, nothing super popular or anything but some good true crime stuff. Couple of old mysteries. Then… this.

I first noticed its worn, rosy pink leather with the word “SECRETS” debossed in faded silver. A lock hung uselessly off the side of the book, broken.

I’ll be honest, I thought it was a gimmick. “Secrets” was the title and it was clever marketing shit to get me to pick it up. I thumbed through it–handwritten pages, a pale pink ribbon to mark your spot–and decided to bring the thing home.

I already told you, I’m going to the police. But this is what I found inside, starting on page one.

March 11, 1991

Brad is gone and it’s all my fault. Its been three days.

I know I flew off the handle. I said things I cant take back but goddamn it hes just such a jerk sometimes. Were supposed to do that big-brother little-sister shit but that got old after we graduated high school.
Moms inconsolable. She keeps saying its just one of his pranks. Hell be back, Jennifer. Hes just playing one of his games.

I know all about Brads games. He was famous for them as a kid and youd think hed grow out of it, a guy in his 20s with a job and car insurance, but noBrad still found time to pour icewater in my shower or trap my deodorant in a jello mold. I dont know why I moved in with him in the first place.

Yes I do. Because I dont have the money for my own place.

But Brad was nice about it, at first. He said itd be fun to live together. Even offered to take me out for my birthday. I shouldve known better.

Mom gave me this journal when I was a little kid. I found it when I moved, thought it was lame and didnt really give it a second thought. Now that Brad’s gone, though, I feel awful and I thought maybe writing about it would help. Anything’s better than listening to the police talking to Mom in the kitchen, telling her that they’re still looking, but more than 48 hours has passed and those are the most important when a person goes missing.

March 12, 1991

Brad is still gone. Hes still not home. The police told Mom hes probably just blowing off some steam, hes a youngish guy and he might just be slumming it somewhere, getting drunk or hooking up.
They dont know that we were already drunk when it happened. I shouldve told them that in the beginning, I guess.

I thought I heard stuff moving around in my kitchen last night but when I got up, no one was out there. The cabinet doors were open but maybe I forgot to shut them.
I havent been sleeping much.

March 15, 1991

Mom just sits in her bedroom and cries. She wont come out and talk to me so I go back to my empty apartment. Its a lot quieter without Brad.

Brads been gone for a whole week now. Theyve been putting up pictures of his face all over town. Hell probably be on the news soon.

Im trying to make myself write about what happened but its hard.

Wed been drinking, like I said. Wandering back from downtown because we were celebrating my birthday and we were both too smashed to drive. Got to this sketchy part of town and I knew it was Brad, hed lead us there on purpose.

I told him it was shitty, he was a guy and he might think it was funnyone of his gamesbut us girls know the bad part of town at night and drunk is just a recipe for disaster.

He didnt care. He said, Cmon, lets check out this building, I hear its haunted!

Thats Brad for you. Im drunk and hungry on my birthday, thinking we might just have a good time as brother and sister for once, and he leads me to an abandoned building at midnight.

I begged him not to go in but he went ahead anyway and I didnt have a choice if I didnt follow him, Id be alone, so I went in with him.

He shouldnt have gone there. He shouldnt have made me go.

I dont feel like writing anymore.

March 17, 1991

I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Weird enough its the same time every night: 2:36 am. Its probably just nerves but I feel like someones watching me.

Brads still gone.

March 18, 1991

Why did Brad insist on going in that building? Why couldnt we have just had a nice time for my birthday?

I followed him into that building, this hulking monstrosity that was probably an old apartment complex or something, a place that no doubt wasnt haunted at all but just an excuse for Brad to play one of his games. I mean, I shouldve known that, I guess.

He started running up the stairs. Taking them two at a time. I had to take off my heels to catch up to him and was scared the whole time like I might step on a hypodermic needle or something. This place was a real dump.

I almost fell down the stairs and that made me mad, I almost dropped my shoes and when I rounded the corner to tell him so Brad jumped out from behind a big hunk of concrete and yelled BOO! Like a stupid little kid.

Except it worked, I screamed and dropped my shoes AND my purse and they went tumbling down the broken concrete steps and Brad just laughed and laughed and laughed.

I got so mad. I started hitting him. I dont think I wouldve been as mad if I hadnt been drunk but I was.

He was laughing still, backing away and shielding himself with his arms while I slapped and shrieked that he was an asshole, he was the worst brother ever, he was a shitty person and a horrible roommate and the only reason I was even living with him was because I was too broke for my own place and if I had the money I wouldnt bother to see him ever again.

Yeah, it was mean. But I meant it.

What I didnt mean was for Brad to keep backing up while I swatted at him. I wanted him to stand there and take it but he kept laughing and backing up and all of a sudden he was gone.

He was there, right there in front of me, and then gone, down the open elevator shaft neither of us saw. Down all five floors. If I had to guess, it was probably 2:36 am.

Im only writing this because my apartment isnt so quiet anymore. Brads still gone but hes not.
I think he followed me home.

March 20, 1991

Okay, Brad, see? Im doing it. Im writing. Stop screaming at me. I cant take the screaming.

When he fell down the elevator shaft I shouldve gone for help but I didnt. I was scared, okay? I was worried someone would think I pushed him and I dont know, maybe I sort of did, so I didnt go for help. I covered him with rubble and debris and I left him there because I thought theyd find him and maybe think he got murdered for his wallet or something but they havent found him and at this point its too late to tell the cops or Ill be implicated.

I cant tell them, Brad, please stop screaming!

March 26, 1991

Brad wants me to go to the police but I cant. I dont want to go to prison. He keeps playing these pranks, stacking all my chairs on top of each other, turning all the pictures on the wall backwards, making the faucets run blood instead of water. Its his stupid games but now theyre worse because hes angry and now he has more power.

I hoped just writing it out would help but hes not happy. He wants me to pay but I did, I paid just by being his sister. Something like this was bound to happen, you know? Him and his games.

Im starting to get pretty scared but I dont know what to do.

March 30, 1991

This is Jennifer I did it I pushed Brad

Brad is never coming back so I did what I had to do

Consider this my suicide note

Brad is gone and its all my fault

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