If You Care About Your Privacy You Should Probably OPT Out Of This New Facebook Setting ASAP

Online privacy is one of those issues of 2016 that keeps getting downplayed by the big guys, you know the ones I’m talking about, but it’s quite serious.

One of the largest collectors of online data would be none other than the social media platform, Facebook. We use it for just about everything these days with all the crazy additions and features implemented, and we talk about everything on our minds. This is all data about who you are as a person and could potentially be used against you in ways you never thought possible.

Targeted marketing campaigns eventually start popping up in your feed, even when you’ve never subscribed or liked them, is one method used in which your own online data is used against you and it’s happening more and more often. They shouldn’t be if you’ve got your settings kept private, but that may no longer matter.

What many people aren’t realizing is that some of those implementations have managed to create little back doors in order for them to gather and share your data – shocker, right? As it turns out Facebook has found a way to monitor your internet activity as a whole, regardless of whether or not you’ve logged an account online with them, through other online advertisements. Professor of Media Design David Carroll was the first one to notice the new setting:

Yes, big corporations have the potential to cause more harm than any single individual and can be more invasive than an in-law, but this is a whole new low. If you want to disable it this picture will get you all the information you need to do so:

Hopefully we’ll see a time when we’re not constantly under threat of being spied on by the people claiming to be there for us, but at this rate I’m not so sure…

Make sure you share so everyone who uses Facebook is aware of this…

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