Katy Perry says all the awards she’s won ‘are fake’

As an artist, Katy Perry isnt interested in accolades.

The 32-year-old pop star revealed to the New York Times what she really thinks of the awards shes won over the years.

All the awards shows are fake, explained Perry. And all the awards that Ive won are fake.

Perry added they dont represent her audience.

Theyre constructs, she said.


The singer said her newest album Witness is a collection of personal songs, and to celebrate its release, she launched a YouTube live stream over the weekend that exposed every moment of her life on camera.

Despite Perry attempting to pull all the stops for a new hit, Witness is proving to be a flop.

According to Forbes, her comeback single Chained To The Rhythm debuted at no. 4 on Billboards Hot 100 chart, but quickly dropped to no. 8 the following week and then left the top 10 entirely.

The song isnt gone for good as it sits at no. 87 on the Hot 100, but it wasnt the hit she was looking for right out of the gate, explains the business magazine.

Then Perry dropped a follow-up single titled Bon Appetit. Forbes added that song peaked at no. 76 which is an incredibly uninspiring beginning for a Katy Perry single. The song left the Hot 100 list entirely. Her next single named Swish Swish also failed to impress critics.


Most interpretations of her songs are just that interpretations, because the writing has so far been too nonspecific and frigid, wrote Vulture. Perry seems like shes throwing everything at the wall in an album marketing meeting and waiting to see what sticks.

Still, Perry told the Times shes the happiest shes ever been.

Its a departure, and its a necessary evolution that I have to take, she said. And I know that sometimes it feels publicly like Im dragging cement blocks, but like, the pyramids were made out of cement blocks or not cement. But do you know what Im trying to say? Im gonna get there.

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