Malls Across America Are Opening 2 Hours Early This Christmasbut Not to Make Extra Money

Coming to a mall near you!

It’s that time of year again when Santa Claus makes his pit stops at all the malls across America before traveling the world Christmas eve delivering presents to every corner of the earth. For adults, we might associate mall Santa withwaiting hours in long lines to get a picture that looks something like this:

But for kids, the encounter tends to be a lot more magical. All the lights, the costumes, the sleigh, it’s a recipe for happiness unless your child struggles in those environments. Thanks to a partnership between Autism Speaks and Noerr Programs Corporation, more than 180 malls across America will host a sensory-friendly experience on November 20 and December 4.

The malls are going to open two hours early so children on the autism spectrum will have their chance to meet Santa and get pictures taken with him.

Programs like our sensitive Santa experience play an important role in providing families affected by autism with the opportunity to participate in an activity that may be difficult for some to attend,said Lisa Goring, chief program and marketing officer for Autism Speaks.

The best part is that these events are free and parents will be able to purchase pictures taken of their kids.

To see where Santa will be stopping and sign up for a session, visit the Autism Speaks website.

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