Men Have Abortions, Too

I took care of it.

Those five words brought the biggest sigh of relief in my 21years. I wasnt ready for a kid, she wasnt ready for a kid. Its kind of like the saying goes, You only know what you knowand up to that point, all I knew is that kids draw on walls and ruin dreams.

Then I met Judah.

Judah is the son of some strangers who decided that the phrase spare bedroom didnt apply to them. These strangers took me in and let me live with them when I was in my darkest of time.

When I first met this family, I wasnt exactly stoked on kids. I still had this sense that kids slowed everything down. I wanted to change the world and didnt have time for coloring books and episodes of Daniel Tiger.

I sat on the couch with my fancy leather jacket and $400 shoes, and he walked in wearing nothing but a smile. Id never felt so uncomfortable in my life.

Little did I know he was about to multiply the size of my heart in ways I didnt know were possible and change everything I ever knew about purpose.

This three-year-old kid quickly becameone of my best friends. I dont like to cry, but even just recently, I lost it looking at photos of the two of us togetherback when he was still that three-year-old boy brutally mispronouncing my name.

Today, because of Judah, I know. I know that kids dont ruin dreams, they fulfill them.

To be totally honest, I try not to think about the abortion. Like most life-altering mistakes, its easier to just be numb and forget than to go through it. Unfortunately, at the time, I bought into the biggest lie that I was told by those who knew about the pregnancy, Youll have to give up on your dreams.

Because I had my girlfriend get the abortion, I went on to do what society would consider incredible things. I have over a billion views on YouTube, Ive started careers for artists that are now making millions a year, Ive even worked with artists I grew up idolizing as a kid.

Truth is, I couldnt care less about any of that.

The phrase I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger is not only the lyrics to an all-time classic, but a very common phrase adopted by our culture. Usually it applies to relationships or jobs or financial investments. For me, I wish I knew how much better my life could have been with a kid in it.

Would times be hard? Duh. Would I not have been to all those Grammy parties and fancy music studios? Nope. Instead, Id be a dad. Praise God theres grace for the worst of our sins.

Now, Im the Marketing Director for Save the Storks. I didnt take this job because I wanted to end abortion, I took this job because I want to make abortion unthinkable.

I want every woman walking into Planned Parenthood to know that kids dont destroy dreams, they fulfill them.

Whatever culture is telling you to chase is only going to leave you wanting more.Kids on the other hand, leave you exhausted, drained, broke, messy, but oh so fulfilled. Kids change your life in ways you didnt even realize you wanted it changed. Kids remind you how the little things, when appreciated, make life more beautiful.

If Judahs parents had taken my road and chosen abortion, Id be the same, broken, lost man I was four years ago. Instead, that kid makes my life worth waking up for.

Yes, men have abortions too, and yes, a few of us are fortunate enough to fall in love with kids and find forgiveness and redemption.

We took care of it.

It. Looking back, I cant even believe I reduced someone as important as Judah to an it.

Praise God for His grace and praise God for making kids like Judah.

My life now has a purpose.

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