New Welch’s Fruit Rolls Are Giving Your Favorite Childhood Snack A Healthy Twist

I haveto be honest: I still eat Fruit by the Footregularly.

Each bite of thenostalgic, chewy fruit snack sends me back to my days polishing off weirdly congealed school-bought mozzarella sticks with a footlong burst of fruity flavor.

However, my’90s go-to recently gained a little competition from Welch’s, because they just released a similar product called Welch’s Fruit Rolls.


That’s right: Our beloved fruit snack company that prides itself on wholesome ingredients released their own version of our favorite childhood snack. Theroll-ups are available in threedifferent flavors that include Tropical Punch, White Grape Strawberry, and Berry.

As a still-avid fruit snack consumer,my interest is obviously piqued AF.

Welch’s packaging encourages customers to unroll the fun.

I’m not sure why fruit roll-ups are so much better than their bite-sized counterparts, but they are. Hence, fun.

Beyond the anticipation of trying a new kind of roll-up, we fruit snack fans can also expect to benefit from Welch’s healthy, vitamin-packed ingredients.


In fact, the gluten and preservative-free Fruit Rolls contain 100 percent of your daily value of Vitamin C and are a great source of Vitamin A Vitamin E.

Josh Shapiro, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Welch’s parent company, Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc., talked about the product in a press release on Wednesday, July 19. He said,

We take great pride in bringing consumers delicious snacks made with real fruit. With the launch of Welch’s Fruit Rolls, we’re confident parents and kids alike will love this fun to eat, tasty treat.

Although the company just released a statement, the new fruit rolls have potentially been on grocery store shelvessince April 2017 (judging by the Welch’s Fruit Snacks Twitter page, at least).

I can’t believe I missed them!

Six-count boxes of Welch’s Fruit Rolls have a super affordable suggested retail price of $2.99, making it easy to try every single flavor.

I think I’m most excited to try White Grape Strawberry. How about you?

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