Now ‘Rick and Morty’ fans can make their own McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

Internet crisis averted!

After this weekend’s surprise premiere ofRick and Morty season 3, fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on some of the Szechuan sauce McDonald’s carried as part of aMulanpromotion in 1998. It’s a flavor most people forgot about for the past two decades, but the obscure reference in Rick Sanchez’s memory made thousands of millennials crave the stuff.

While McDonald’s twiddles its thumbs on this grade A marketing tie-in opportunity, the genius behind pop-culture-inspired cooking webseriesBinging With Babish, Andrew Rea,is taking matters into his own hands.

Since few folks remember this limited-edition sauce, it’s hard to makea perfect replica, so our host walks viewers through Szechuan sauce three ways: a traditional recipe, a Reddit submission, and a simple McDonald’s hack you can do in about four seconds.

Whichever flavor you prefer, it’s safe to say we’re the realwinners here.

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