Rescue Cat Who Cant Walk Becomes Nurse, Helps Sick Animals And Even Saves Their Lives

Hello, my name is Lucifer, but I prefer Luc. I live in animal clinic in Perm, Russia. I don’t know what it means to walk because when my new owners found me I had a problem with my legs. They think that it’s because I once got squeezed by the door and now I have a damaged spine.

Now I am very happy because I have work and family. I like to help animals in my clinic, support them and explain that they need to live. After suffering myself, I can now really understand others. I often cuddle with patients to keep them warm. I still have difficulties walking but nothing can stop me from comforting other healing animals. Animals at the clinic enjoy my comforting presence. I am sometimes a donor for cats, and I’ve already saved some lives. I am very proud of this, and I take my job very seriously!

Also, I am a model and we make a lot of advertising in our department of marketing. One day I even gave an interview for one online site. No, I am not a star. I am a cat, but sometimes I feel more like a human. I want to say a big thanks to my clinic for this chance to live and help animals in need.

I’m an adopted cat Lucifer and I live in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia