‘The Bachelor’ Themed Wine Is Here Just In Time For Your Drinking Game

If you’re actually interested in watching Nick Viall’s season of (gag), the creators of ABC’s greatest hit have released a collection of wine to tide you over until January’s premiere. Or to just drink every night at dinner, whatever.

The Bachelor Wines website has labeled its collection of three wines as “amazing” and “dramatic,” which is exactly what you’d fucking expect if you’ve ever watched one minute of Chris Harrison’s blabbering monologues. The “sensuous California wines” are designed to “take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is .”

Seriously, ABC, you need a new marketing person. If you feel so inclined to actually purchase one of these bottles of wine, you get the romantic selections of The Fantasy Suite, One on One or The Final Rose. We recommend pairing these exquisite wines with a wonderful drinking game, especially because each of the wines is over 13 percent alcohol. You’re going to need it to avoid throwing up watching Nick Viall try to find love.

If you choose to accept this bottle of ros, you’ll pay $15.95 a bottle and your wines will ship December 14. Happy drinking, betches.

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