The Northern Lights Are Visible Across Lots Of The U.S. This Week

The northern lights will continue appearing across parts of the contiguous U.S. this week, Accuweather reports, giving stargazers rare access to the most epic light show on Earth

Viewers reported seeing the lights on Monday night and early Tuesday morning in Michigan and Iowa, thanks to a massive solar storm. The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Aurora Forecast predicts it will continue Tuesday in parts of Vermont, Nebraska, Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming

The northern lights aren’t commonly seen in the lower 48 states; on our continent, they’re typically easier to spot in places like Alaska and Canada. But sometimes, when conditions are right, they appear further south — and it’s remarkable.

You’ll have the best chance to see them in dark areas with low light pollution, far from cities and towns. Cloud cover may be an issue in some areas, particularly the Pacific Northwest.

And if you can’t catch the northern lights stateside, you just might just have to take a trip somewhere exotic.

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