This Calf Looks Suspiciously Like Gene Simmons And People Want Answers

Gene Simmons, where were you on or about November 25, 2016?

Thats the question being posed to the KISS rocker after an adorable calf was born at a Texas ranch on Friday with a face resembling the God of Thunder singer.

Little Genie, as shes since been dubbed, become an overnight social media star after beingsnapped sticking out her tongue while rocking butterfly-shaped black markings on her face, similar to The Demons.

The similarities between the pair immediately sparked jokes on KISSs Facebook page about the rock star who in the 70s was rumored to have grafted a cow tongue onto his own somehow being the calfs father.

Drew Taylor runs local marketing company Hill Country Visitor, whichshared the photo on Facebook Saturday. He told HuffPost that the calf was born on Friday at a Kerrville ranch thats owned by a local steakhouse worker. Its about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio.

I didnt realize how uncanny the comparison was until a friend put the two pictures side by side, he said of Genies face next to Genes. I said, Can I have that picture? Can I use it?

After posting it to Facebook, it didnt take long for the photo to get the attention of the calfs hard-rocking doppelgnger, who tweeted out a link to the calfs story, along with: This is real, folks!!!

The excitement wasnt lost on Taylor, who said he reached out to Gene offering to buy him a steak.

Fortunately for little Genie, it wont be her hide on the line.

Taylor said its been decided that shes way too tough to become anyones next meal and will instead moove on to become a mascot for the steakhouse, whose owner he described as a collector of odds and ends.

Shes too cute a calf, Taylor said.

We couldnt agree more. Rock on Genie, and party every day.

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