This Woman’s Chilling Body Art Looks Like It Might Reach Out And Grab You

As far as social media presence goes, makeup and body artists are having a moment.

If you search #mua on Instagram, for example, you’ll be met with over 17 million stunning results. These young creators-turned-entrepreneurs are monuments to the fact that changes in the marketing sphere are having lasting, lucrative impacts on those who know how to set themselves apart in the online beauty space.

While Smashbox and Too Faced might not be reaching out to 21-year-old artist Lisha Simpson for sponsored content anytime soon, her artistry is not to be ignored. The Canberra native is a mother of two, a self-proclaimed face painter, and a body artist with a deliciously dark streak.

With a black backdrop, some clever painting techniques, and her own two hands, she’s created an Instagram profile that keeps thousands of followers begging for more.

To learn more about Lisha Simpson’s art, be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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