You can now add Fyre Fest merch to your wardrobe

The Fyre Festival may have been a giant fail, but hey, at least you can get some of their sweet merch on eBay.

Ugh, yes. You read the right.

People are seriously selling merchandise from the disastrous festival that wasn’t. And if you think it’s cheap, you’re mistaken.

$300 for a Fyre Fest hoodie is almost too laughable to be true.

Image: eBay

Try $300 for a sweatshirt. $300!

Bidding for the piece ended … with no bids. Come on, did anyone really expect a $300 sweatshirt from a failed music festival to sell?

But wait. There’s more.

Other merchandise isn’t going for nearly as much as the sweatshirt, but no matter, it’s all still great kindling for this garbage fire of a festival that just won’t stop burning.

Take this Fyre-branded phone charger. It has 20 bids as of this writing, and is currently going for $26. Bids have increased through the afternoon, and Mashable *may* have even contributed to the bids over the course of the day.


Image: ebay

Most of the sellers seem to be attendees, not the organizers. Who’s to blame them for trying to make some cash off an exorbitantly expensive bust of a festival? The original prices are unclear.

So what has sold? A worn Weekend 1 artist’s pass sold for $71 after it got two bids. We’re taking that “worn” marketing with a grain of salt because did any artists even show up?

An artist’s pass for a music festival without any music. Lovely.

Image: ebay

There’s even a hat that sold for $35. Because who doesn’t want to be reminded of the ridiculousness of that weekend every time they’re shielding themselves from the sun this summer? The listing has now ended, but wow.

Some actual shade from the Fyre Fest, right?

Image: ebay

The Fyre Festival was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime, luxurious experience filled with musical talent. Created by Ja-Rule and douchey entrepreneur Billy McFarland, the festival was a major flop that resulted in tons of lawsuits. The food was terrible, the sleeping arrangements were horrific, there was no music, and people dropped thousands of dollars on it.

The internet never ceases to amaze us, but it’s really outdone itself this time.

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